Metropolis Magazine
At Metropolis Magazine, I proposed three distinct directions for a colorful new social media identity to the marketing department and the editor-in-chief. I identified problems I needed to address: media platforms lacked brand consistency, vibrancy that attracts younger readers, and relevancy to the current issue. I photographed and came up with pitches (Magazine Array, Featured Art, and In Context) that addressed these problems.

Social Media Identity 1: Magazine Array

I photographed issues of Metropollis in appealing arrangements and colored backgrounds to emphasize the brand and showcase the most recent issues.

Social Media Identity 2: Featured Art From Magazine

Using art from the current issue of Metropolis, the banner and the icon interlock to complete the picture.

Social Media Identity 3: In Context

I emphasized the Metropolis 'M' logo, with bright pops of color. The banner features art from the current issue along with the full logo.

Magazine Spreads

Magazine spreads I designed that were published in the July, August, and September issues.

Web Banners

Web banners I designed for online articles published on the Metropolis website.

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