Caroline Liu
3D Printed Toys
3D printing allows me to quickly prototype toy ideas that are floating around my brain. I taught myself how to 3D model on Rhino and 3D print on the MakerBot in my spare time. Below are some of my passion projects.


In a Makerbot workshop, my souvenir idea for a food festival in Paterson, NJ was selected to be prototyped. My idea was to make triangular "tokens" that festival-goers receive by dining in participating restaurants. The complete set is held together in a commemorative yellow frame with the name and details of the festival.


My first attempt at 3d printing and was modeled using SketchUp.

Tangerine Car

I wanted to make a whimsical moving toy for small children ages so I printed and hand-painted a simple car in the shape of a tangerine.

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