Caroline Liu
Paterson, NJ: Supersecret Block Party
In collaboration with the town of Paterson, NJ and my professor, Willy Wong, I created a proposal for a block party food festival. The "Supersecret Block Party," or SBP for short, this summertime event will collect the diverse ethnic cuisine of Paterson that I found in my research and showcase it all in one place.

The goal is to foster city unity and improve the town's crime-ridden reputation. The core values are: discovering Paterson, diversity, and being a summertime staple. The audience would be the people living in Paterson, visitors who are usually relatives visiting from out of town, and outsiders attracted to the idea of a secret block party (via word of mouth or social media). The event is held in Paterson's Overlook Park overlooking the famous Great Falls that flows from the Passaic River.
Mood Board: Outdoor Gathering


The identity is responsive to each restaurant the event partners with. Each restaurant has its own icon and color that largely represents the cuisine it serves.

What's The "Secret"?

The website is used to reveal the date and location of the secret event. The URL and the password "PASSAIC" is obtained from posters seen around town." You can see the website here.

VIP Souvenir

In collaboration with Makerbot HQ, my class chose my souvenir idea to prototype. The concept behind this souvenir is that event goers can collect all 6 triangular tokens from dining at the 6 participating restaurants. They can bring the tokens to the event to receive a yellow commemorative frame to display the tokens and receive VIP access to the block party.


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